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About Us

Located in Vancouver Washington just across the Columbia River from Portland Oregon, Boomers Supply is a company run by boomers that caters to the interests of boomers. We select high quality namebrand products priced to provide good value for our patrons. We continually search for just the right items that you desire and that we believe you will like. And just because we cater to boomers doesn't mean that those who are not boomers will get inferior service or products. Most of our products appeal to any age group. They also make great gifts for that boomer or senior in your life.

We have enjoyed online sales success since 2002 and have developed relationships with a large number of faithful return customers. We endeavor to provide first rate customer service as demonstrated by a perfect 100% positive eBay feedback rating with thousands of eBay sales completed.

You can be certain that your purchase will be handled securely and in a timely fashion from point of sale to delivery.

And if for any reason you are dissatisfied with your purchase, we are easy to contact and respond promptly to your concerns.

Your satisfaction is our guarantee!

Boomers Supply interview and quote at

I wonder why it is that we measure milestones in multiples of five? We use the {dec}imal number system so why not just stick with ten? Ten is a nice round number, easy to divide, even easier to multiply. Perhaps the problem is that too much time elapses between milestones based on ten. Do we thrive on milestones and just can't wait ten years for the next one?
When I reached that fifty-five year milestone it was as though a switch flipped. Almost instantly ''the question'' started popping up. The kid at Taco Bell asked it, the lady at ''The Barbers'' asked it, and the girl at Round Table Pizza asked it. ''The question'' rang out over the loud speaker at the Cascade Cinema ticket booth within ear shot of everyone in line. ''The question'' reached my ears almost as if in slow motion... ARE YOU A SENIOR?
Are you speaking to me? NO....I'm not a senior...I don't think I'm a I look like a senior(?)...what age qualifies me as a senior?
Well, turns out that many businesses now consider the age of a senior to be fifty-five. I suddenly found myself in that world of senior discounts! I now get the FREE senior soft drink, the $14 haircut for $11, pizzas at twenty percent discount, and the senior movie ticket for $7.00. Some Starbucks even offer a senior coffee with cheap refills. The realization hit me that my peers were now my folks as well as my grandmother. I still can't admit that I'm a senior but I've begun to find it pretty easy asking for a senior discount. With ten year milestones I would have been spared the anxiety of ''the question'' but I would also have missed out on five years of discounts.
Many businesses don't publicize their senior discounts so you have to ask. Make sure you know the original price of the service or product before asking though. Some unscrupulous merchants will mark up the price before applying the discount. And then there are those weird low salt low fat low portion low pizzazz senior meals. Haven't graduated to those yet!
So boomers, swallow the pride, get past the title ''senior'', and take advantage of those many discounts available to us pre-seniors!

At Boomers Supply you get a discount too. Your price is discounted on every item every day. Though our products are oriented toward the interests of Boomers, your business is welcome regardless of your age. So spend a little time and browse around. You're sure to find just what you're looking for. If you don't, just ask. We can probably get it to you pronto at a great price.

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Boss Audio Black 5.25" Round Marine Speakers
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150 watt
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Vibrating/Chime Receiver with Push-Button Transmitter For Hearing Impaired
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